Track The Virus


On this split CD, the 3 bands take you on a musical journey, including 4 songs from each band, and a bonus track by Beng Beng Cocktail and From the Cradle to the Rave, featuring Atrocity Solution, Public Serpents, Ghetto Blaster, and Stupid Stupid Henchmen.

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13 tracks CD  – Compilation

1. Beng Beng Cocktail – As we sow, so we reap
2. Beng Beng Cocktail – Jesus drinks Absynthe
3. Beng Beng Cocktail – Two towers fall down
4. Atrocity Solution – Dark days
5. Atrocity Solution – Stay true
6. Atrocity Solution – Demon In Disguise
7. My Own Religion – 15 minutes of shame
8. My Own Religion – God and the state
9. My Own Religion – The witch trials of today
10. Beng Beng Cocktail goes electric – DIY
11. From the Cradle to the Rave – Collapse the gap
12. Atrocity Solution goes electric – Watch the world burn
13. A collective track feat Skwert, Crowley and Chet Henchmen

Catalog Number : BR022
Release Date : 05/01/2011
Format : CD & Digital